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The HD signal gets to my satellite receivers from the dish through a 200 foot run of cheap Belden 9116 RG6 coax.

Now, Monster would have me believe that connecting my TV with THEIR, absurdly priced product, for the 6 foot connection between the receivers and the display will somehow make the image look better than if I used the same Belden RG6 with different connectors?

Preposterous! All this cable marketing is smoke and mirrors. They are the snake oil salesmen of the digital age.

I personally have NEVER seen, or heard, a difference between a cheap cable and a costly one. I'll admit to a degree of skepticism when I read a post from someone who says he does.

Still, this is not to say that all cables are built alike. Anyone really wanting to understand the differences in cable construction should do a little studying. Differences in insulation type and coverage varies widely in different cables and this can, repeat CAN make a difference in a few, rather select, situations.

A good place for a brief overview of cable construction is at
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