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Originally Posted by reidw View Post
Putting it on CBS All Access is going to teach CBS a big and painful lesson about the real level of interest in streaming. If it gets cut after a season it will be primarily because viewers weren't interested in watching or willing to pay for it over the not always reliable internet.

As for showing the old series I have just one question. How many times can an audience watch the same programs over and over again? I've found that each showing of an episode only serves to reveals problems with the episode that weren't noticed on initial viewings. The law of diminishing returns sets in. And although this is off topic, I've found that if any series illustrates this law it is Castle. The stories just do not stand up to multiple viewings. If Space drops their seemingly endless all night Castle reruns for say DS9 I could live with that.
That's my concern. As it is, Discovery's entire first season will only consist of 13 episodes (half of the length of previous Trek series, which is usually 20-26 episodes per season). If not enough people subscribe to All Access on a continual basis, Discovery's life might be shorter than Enterprise's... even shorter than TOS's possibly...

Also, regarding the repeats, I find it depends on the program. With the Star Trek series, I never seem to mind seeing the episodes over and over again, probably because there are so many of them. What was it? 700-some split between all the Trek series? So it literally takes forever, even watching them at 1 a day, for you to go through an entire Trek series, before it starts from the beginning again. Same thing with the Stargate series (except Universe). Castle on the other hand (thank goodness ABC finally axed it by the way) is like many of the newer sci-fi shows... they don't have the same kind of viewer retention. Newer sci-fi TV shows (I'd like to say post-2010, maybe with the exception of Dark Matter and Killjoys) aren't the type of sci-fi shows you would want to watch again. They're basically one-and-done series, just like the rebooted Galactica was back in 2004, which I was so bored with watching the first time around, I literally would rather watch paint dry than re-watch that series again.

Originally Posted by gbamber
You missed on option concerning run-time. They could cut out scenes like was done with Dr. Who to fit it into one hour.
For the LOVE OF GOD, no. Just, no. When I watched the Christmas Twilight Zone marathon on Syfy, it was blatantly obvious what scenes they cut out of episodes to meet the 22-minute runtime (I'm guessing the episodes used to run around 25-26 minutes back then in the 1950s). Even BBC America is notorious for this with Star Trek TNG. Until Bell puts the old Trek series back on Space (guessing maybe late August?), for the moment, I'm stuck watching TNG on BBC America. And even though BBC America is airing TNG's first 4-5 seasons in HD now (unlike Bell/Space, who only have the HD rights to the 1st season), whenever they cut parts out of an episode, I can tell immediately. There was one episode of TNG where two crewmembers were talking to each other, and they cut to commercial RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CONVERSATION AS ONE GUY WAS TALKING for crying out loud. I mean, couldn't you at least wait until the guy was done finishing his sentence?

Originally Posted by reidw
It's science fiction and that genre usually doesn't do well on the networks for very long. Space is the perfect home for it as the ratings don't have to be as high. It also gives Space something to show beyond the Castle reruns.
Primetime networks hate the sci-fi and game show genres. All they care about are comedies, dramas and reality programs. Remember when CBC used to air Doctor Who? Then the series got pushed off to Space when CBC dropped it. Personally, I'll be watching the Discovery pilot on CBS (specifically to avoid the simsubs on CTV, which I'm sure Bell is counting on for advertising revenue).
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