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post #61 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-03-02, 06:29 AM
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Teksavvy or Telus?

I'm having a hard time deciding.. which one is more reliable from your experience? Are the speeds stable, and who have you had the better experience with.

I'm looking at Teksavvy's 6MB/1MB offer, and with the 200GB cap it's pretty tempting..

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post #62 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-03-26, 01:58 PM
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I am w/rogers high speed right now and have just about had it with the constant over billing and price hiking.
Caps on bandwidth are ridiculous and Bell is in no way any better. My worst night mare w/bell was having to call up EVERY month to have my internet bill adjusted/fixed because of another over billing issue.

For the 2 isp's that I have had experience with...I am losing almost all hope in finding a decent isp. .. BUT, thanks to my computer tech; he has recommended Teksavvy.He runs his business w/ them and has no complaints with them at all.

Unless anyone else disagrees w/ me on teksavvy, I would recommend them.I'm handing in my 30 days notice to Rogers and waving bye bye to them; hopefully for the last time. I was with them back in 2005 and switched to bell but came back to them simply because I didn't know where else to go.

Now that I have a knowledgeable person that is more than happy to help out, I am not stressing anymore about how or where I'll get my isp

So yeah..I would give tekssavvy a try..to those who inquired about them. Maybe we can all meet back here and compare notes..lol. I mean, share our new found internet experiences
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post #63 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-03-26, 04:01 PM
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I'm also tired of Rogers' overage charges for the last few months and have been considering switching to Teksavvy. However, I've also read this week that Bell is trying to get the CRTC to permit them to apply bandwidth caps to their resellers. If this goes ahead, then Teksavvy's $29.95 for 200GB will likely drop to some amount (hopefully lower) for 60GB then some tiered structure for over-bandwidth usage.

I'm currently in the midst of switching my VOIP service from Rogers to another provider, but hoping that the above will be decided by the time I'm ready to make an ISP switch in another month or two.
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post #64 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-03-29, 10:02 PM
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Unhappy MY Bell Sympatico

I learned this past week that Bell sucks big time.
I logged into the Bell support and found out my profile is 5mb unlimited. I complained I only see 1.5mb download. They explained my line only supports 2mb. When I did the online check with other providers and my number only supports dialup. WTF?
I live in Brampton west 40-50 year old nieghbourhood. Underground cables, so maybe it not that old. The next street up is commercial and I don't think commercial is dialup.
Bell can't tell me when I can get upgraded service, so another DSL is not going to help me. I hate Rogers with a passion because of experiances before. Might have to give them a try again.
I wonder if I went for a business account would they give me the mb I need?
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post #65 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-03-31, 02:31 PM
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Thumbs down

nomojo..I have had seriously bad experiences w/ both Bell & Rogers. It's pitiful that these 2 companies have so much control of the isp services as well as tv,wireless.
And as for the crtc allowing Bell to step in and interfere with other ISP's and try and knock them off the money saving tech wagon. I say "screw you!"
I'm going with Teksavvy and I will definitely send a message to the crtc and put in a complaint about the way they allow bell/rogers to push other servers around. Honestly..in this day and age we the consumer should have way more to say about what we want and how we want it to be. We're the ones paying the bill.
I think the more people that send a message to the crtc and let them know how we feel , the better. They're not going to know if we sit idly by and just allow all this crap to go on. Eventually the price hikes and capping is going to put an end to those of us who use the internet for small business.
Maybe we should call them Rogbell.ca
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post #66 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-04-05, 02:07 PM
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Angry Its out of control over here in Canada now

I'm so tired of going over my limits with Robbers I mean Rogers every month, The problem I have I obviously download alot and play xboxlive my question is who else has that kind of speed for online gaming but doesn't have a cap which is ridiculous in todays world. I've read about that Teksavvy company but wonder if they throttle and how online gaming with it is. Why does Canada have to suck so bad for internet, tv, cell phone? Because of these BS monopolies we've fallen way behind the rest of the world now and its sad
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post #67 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-06, 02:05 AM
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I'm in La Salle, Ontario, just outside of Windsor.

I have rogers portable internet currently and it spikes very badly for online gaming, if anyone can suggest an alternative, I would be very thank full. I tried the isp canada site or whatever but wasn't having much luck. thanks.
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post #68 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-06, 09:00 AM
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I am in Amhersburg...not too far from you at all. I am assuming you are in an area of LaSalle where you can't get DSL or cable (Bell, Cogeco, etc?) If so, I think Rogers and Bell unplugged are your only two options...
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post #69 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-08, 10:40 AM
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Not having much luck with my searching... does anyone know who besides Rogers/Shaw/Cogeco provide high speed internet on cable?

For telephone high speed internet (DSL), there is of course the phone companies (ie Bell), but also smaller ISP providers like tecksavvy. I wanted to know if there was something equivalent to a company like tecksavvy but for cable high speed internet.

This is for southern ontario.

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post #70 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-08, 11:21 AM
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3Web/CIA resells cable internet, but their reputation (at least on this forum) is dreadful.
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post #71 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-19, 06:41 PM
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looking for high speed in rural dunnville, ontario


Looking for high speed solution for rural dunnville, ontario area. That would be out side of town bordering south cayuga

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post #72 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-20, 06:24 AM
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You have checked Bell and Rogers Wimax offerings for your location ? A friend was in similar straits near Rockwood On. and finally a private enterprise company, Xplornet or some similar name started a Wimax type system in that area...maybe something similar is happening near you.
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post #73 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-20, 09:56 AM
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Both bell and Rogers wimax are unavailable in my area. But Xplornet is plans from 49/month to 79/month.

Has any one used Xplornet? Any feed back if it is any good?

The other option might be using my cell phone data plan, via a program that will allow me to use my cell(nokia n95) as a wireless modem with 3.5g speed, But That i likely to be spotty as the 3g cuts in and out even though i have full cell phone signal there.


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post #74 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-20, 12:25 PM
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I would avoid Xplornet - I had it for a few years and performance is not much better then dial-up - plus they now have a FAP in place.

I switched to Bell's wireless USB modem using EVDO. Get up to 1.3 Meg down.

Even works for online gaming ! I pay unlimited usage for $75.00 a month.

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post #75 of 256 (permalink) Old 2009-05-20, 01:26 PM
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I just used a Canadian ISP look up database and it stated Electronic Box Inc. have services there. I don't know how old the database is but its a start.

Also if you don't have a cable then Maybe look for a WISP in the area.

good luck
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