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The full court case could take years to resolve, especially if someone with deep pockets funds the defendants. I think they are probably individuals with limited resources who were just trying to make a quick buck. Whether they plead guilty or hire lawyers to fight to the end, they could be wiped out financially. Based on the tone of the judge who granted the injunction, it sounds like the odds of a "not guilty" verdict are pretty slim.

The injunction applies to ITVBOX.NET, My Electronics, Android Bros Inc., WatchNSaveNow Inc and MTLFreeTV, however the judge ruled that the plaintiffs (Bell, Rogers and Videotron) could add new defendants to the case in the future and the new defendants would have 2 weeks to challenge the injunction.

Anyone selling Android boxes with preinstalled applications used to access copyrighted content would be at risk. The applications in question are KODI with addons for illegal content, Showbox or private IPTV Services that retransmit TV broadcasts over the Internet, usually for a monthly fee.

The judge wrote “These boxes have several uses for consumers, some of which are perfectly legal and some which skirt around the fringes of copyright law. This is not the first time a new technology has been alleged to violate copyright law, nor will it be the last.” and “For the time being, I am satisfied that the plaintiffs have established a strong prima facie case of copyright infringement and that an injunction would prevent irreparable harm without unduly inconveniencing the defendants.”

Here is a list of repositories and add-ons that Kodi has banned from their forum:

Official:Forum rules/Banned add-ons - Kodi

It looks like this injunction will effectively shut down the sale of pirate Android boxes.
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