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Originally Posted by MediaRoomManiac
I agree, I used 14awg speaker cables (Monster cables.. actually got them on sale for $50/100ft. in US). My longest runs are around 30-35 ft. (rear channels running wire through floor/basement). I had trouble finding just a 100ft. of 14awg cable for cheap anywhere here. Using anything below 14awg for long runs is not good (compared to the report on the site listed aboe) which contribute to poor signal quality. I do agree however that using inexpensive speaker cables are all that's needed for most applications.

Did you do a custom DIY wire for that Rigpig? Sounds like a hefty wire you got, then again you've got some nice equipment hooked up through those wires.

.......thx 'Maniac, the Integra Research and Bryston are the latest i wanted some suitable garden-hose cabling to fit the bill .... yeah it was built out of bulk Canare 4S11 (4 strand x 14g =11g) and i put locking 'nanas on the's quite hefty cable w/ a light grey jacket fwiw. You have the option with 4S11 to wire the strands separately to bi-amp if you wanted as well.

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