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Originally Posted by shifty
When the guy at the AV store tells you the picture will look better with high end cables, just ask him to provide a demonstration. Certainly, if they can sell an outrageously priced cable on the basis of its superiority, they must be able to demonstrate it without difficulty in the showroom.
Funny story actually... my friend and I were at FS last year when he was purchasing some new HT equipment and were on the subject of cables. The salesman was trying to sell my friend the pricey component cables (at the time component was the best cabling available). He said, come look at the demo comparison. They had a TV setup with a PIP split of two signals coming in from 2 prog scan dvd players (same units). However one side definitely looked much better than the other. We looked into the unit closer and discovered that the one source was connecting via Monster component cables and the other side via STANDARD RCA's..

OF COURSE the component side will look better via prog scan compared to the other sending a basic low quality signal through the composite connections. We showed the salesman what we found and he was still trying to backup the fact the Monster cables will outperform all others! heh, needless to say I took my friend to another store and bought Ultralink cables for much cheaper.

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