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Hi alstein, Bell reps usually can't really mesure performance. I understand exactly what would be the challenge of changing your email. But if I were you, because tehnology is getting better, I would call Bell and see how they could do better over their network. At the time I was @ 5meg, figures were in the scope, lower part but in the scope. And they would try anyting because of that. So I told them I want to go to 25meg. As explained before they came in a couples of time and found few problems. They then install what they call pair-bounding. Since then, I can't complain about speed. Without going to 25 meg, I would still be surfing at 5 meg with a lot sync lost and all sort of problem.

For ExpressVu, what model of receiver do you have? If it's a 9241 or 9242, I understand that you might have 2 feed from the dish. With the new LNB set-up, it's easy to turn 2 cables into 4 input. You could double your pvr and get 4 HD feeds, far from 8 you could have from the competition, I agree. But #1 reason to stay BEV and not moving to Fibe TV, in your case: No external hard drive can be hook-up to the receiver. One day you'll have to delete shows. Search tool is way better with BEV. If you are a VUPASS user, you'll have to wave goodbye to that feature. Also, no more 2 speeds slowmotion during your movies or sports events and way more to loose.

In what area of Montreal do you live?
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