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Fibe TV on my street in Downtown Montreal but....

Hi. I just got off the phone with Bell customer service and was left with the impression that they have no interest in providing any insight as to if and when Bell Fibe will be available. I live in Downtown Montreal in a small apartment building (approx. 50 units). I currently have Bell Satellite service and am relatively satisfied. I am, however, extremely unhappy with their internet service which, according to Bell, maxes out at 5-6 MBPS. I've been calling Bell on a regular basis and have been told that Fibe wasn't available in my building. Yet directly across the street, another apartment building does have fibe. Today when I spoke to the agent and explained my situation, he said it was possible that fibe may never be available in my building. At that point I said after over 10 years with Bell, my only option was to switch to Videotron which offers much faster internet service in my building. He was sympathetic, but basically said he understood my position and if I felt I needed the faster service I should probably switch! If I knew that eventually Bell would install Fibe- even a year out- I would stick. But basically he was unable to provide any information whatsoever about the prospects for Fibe in my building. I guess I will be switching to Videotron.
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