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CraveTV and Shomi seem to be placeholders, similar to all the specialty channels that were created to keep US specialty channels out of Canada. CraveTV seems to have a better selection of programming but it's also keeping a lot of programs available in the US from OTT services in Canada. They are licensing Amazon TV programing which effectively keeps Amazon TV out of Canada. (Amazon TV is included with Amazon Prime in the US.) The HBO deal effectively keeps HBO OTT streaming out of Canada. Not sure where Showtime stands but I suspect Bell has that locked as well. Major US network program licensing keeps services like Hulu out of Canada. It's not that all programming is being blocked from streaming. Just enough of the lowest quality stuff is being streamed to make it seem like they are competing. The highest quality programming is being held back to try and force people to buy overpriced traditional services.

It's been this way as long as I can remember. Canadians get screwed by their fellow Canadians for everything due to restrictive distribution deals. It applies to everything from apples to zucchini and almost every other conceivable product.
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