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Originally Posted by wingman75 View Post
Does anyone know what type of drive comes in this PVR? Thinking if I do do this, I would use a similar drive just larger capacity.
On the Samsung 8340 both units I had in my home you could see through the top panel cover (filled with holes) that was a Seagate Pipeline HD 2 500gb. Those are 5900k rpm pretty silent.

But it seems it has a bad reputation on amazon for failing often.

I am also trying to find another compatible 2TB drive that will be different then WD Green as I dont trust them with long term reliability unlike the "Black" series and it has the intellipower wich stops the drives wich I would find annoying and not really a perfect fit for the samsung.

You can try to find a drive made for 24/7 endurance that's reliable and quite at the same time.
I am presently looking at Hitachi 7K2000 or 7K3000 just wondering if would be a better find...

The present 500gb seagate in my unit seems to be doing fine for now but doesnt mean a bigger drive from the same series will provide added durability and if you can find one!

Now think of loosing all those recordings to ship back the drive as rma to Seagate, hmmm m'not sure!
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