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We have a place down south so we also have Directv down there. There are many differences in receivers we tested our SD 630pvr against a Genie lite.
1. 2 tuners compared to 5 tuners
2. 1080 on almost every channel, SD only a handful and mostly 720
3. used PIP to compare CNN HD between the two and very big difference
4. genie series is 4k compatibly with new LNB coming out
5. talk of 8k in near future
6. receivers are tiny and have wireless capabilities from room to room.
7. programing has no duplicate channels, no SD if HD is available.

All sounds good but why I prefer Shaw Direct.
! DTV has no time shifting
2. only networks are locals allowed in footprint.
3. they charge for ever receiver, HD package, warranty, PVR usage, etc.
4. their quality is better but you are nickle and dime to extreme
5. have to sign a contract 2y min.
6. SD has excellent customer service!

So if Shaws new 800 series receiver can have the new technology that is out there , be smart about bandwidth usage, and keep customer service, they could be a leader in Canada.
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