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So after a few days of usage, i have to say i am very satisfied with s7 edge. The size of the phone is perfet for me and i find it the easiest phone to type on i have ever had.. not sure iof thats caus it feels so goo d in the hand or what but man i am impressed.
But the # 1 thing is the BATTERY. Wow, i start my day at 630am and use the phone very frequent throught the day till 9pm.. i am sitting at my desk at 1:30pm, and the battery is reading 74%. That is amazing.. compared to all my other phones.. the best i could get was maybe 50% at this time every day.. Im not sure what some of the reviewers were usiong for there tests.. some of them said the battery was no better than the s6.. thats Ludercris.. its waaayy better..
more to come..
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