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crestman, the Seagate ST1000VM002 that I purchased is FW:SC12, but while I said it works flawlessly in both the 9241 and 9242, only the 9241 recognizes it as a 1TB drive and gives 150 hours of HD recording and shows the receiver as a 9241+. The 9242 no matter what I do only recognized it as a 640GB drive and won't become a 9242+, it gives 120 hours of HD recording, but does work fine otherwise.
So the Seagate ST1000VM002 FW:SC12 a 3.5 drive works fine for making a 9241 into a 9241+ and giving 150Hrs of HD recording time.

I tried a ST1000VM002 FW:SC12 just now, no luck.
I cleared the nvram. Rebooted with new hdd and it does not recognize it.
Do you have any idea for me?
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