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Actually, it looks like their Mix packages could be a good deal. For example, their Mix 20 package effectively gives you 20 channels over the skinny package for an additional $21....that works out to only $1.05 a channel. It is true that there are additional charges for the two major sports channels ($3 each for Sportsnet and TSN, and $1 for Sportsnet One).

Personally, I am now being given much for flexibility in choosing my channels. My only (minor) complaint is that they offer Mx 10 and Mix packages, and I (of course) would happy with only 15 extra channels. The only other complaint is paying $10 extra for the U.S. network West coast feeds, seems a little high.

Overall, I applaud Cogeco for giving better choices than the other companies. Now, if I could actually make the changes online without having to go through the hassle of dealing with a CSR, who might try to upsell me.
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