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Picked up Cities Skylines, not the most demanding title. Not usually the type of game I play, but I like it.
Brings a different kind of challenge.
Been playing Tomb Raider quite a bit too, again not my usual style, not even a game I would buy.
Getting it free with my graphics card was a good deal.
No keyboard for Tomb Raider though. I tried, wasn't working out.
Might give it a go again, was having a super hard time moving with the mouse.
Aiming was easy but general movement direction was throwing m for a loop.
Might need more mouse speed or even less. Not sure. I think I'm just use to the sticks centering themselves.

I see a lot more PC gaming in my future. Already getting the gears from a few Xbox friends.
Would like to see some cross play in the future. Guess we will see how Quantum Break plays out.

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