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I'm running Windows 10,
As far as temps, they seem to hold around 50 on the CPU and high 60's on the GPU in game,
Idles below 30, GPU fans are completely off unless in game.
Fans run pretty minimal until 50. As soon as the case fans come on at all heat stops where it is, they haven't gone full speed yet, unless I commanded it. I haven't done an 8 hour shift yet so we'll see how it goes once the heat starts to saturate.
Noise wise my power supply seems to be the biggest contributor, might look into a silent one or go bigger so it's not under load so often.
GPU fans can be loud but in game with volume it's not super noticeable

On the games I've played if I'm ok with 30fps I can pretty much run ultra on most setting, high and very high for the most part I can hold 60 min.
haven't got the whole setting thing quite figured out yet, AA seems to have a large effect of frames The way Nvidia GeForce sets it up I'm usually 90-100+ frames with medium to high and some ultra setting depending.
From what I understand with a 60hz monitor that is a waste

I plan on streaming a lot of games to my big screen, if I drop resolution from native to 1920x1080 I was running Dirt Rally (thought it was Showdown but I'm playing that on Xbox) I was nearly at 200fps. so I cranked the setting to max and was still above 60fps

Obviously a lot more playing around to do.
Right now I just have a Corsair M65 mouse and an Xbox one controller, I bought a logitech gaming keyboard but the wife shot that down very quickly, said it was ugly. Returned that and looking into other options. Probably a headset, wife hasn't been exactly thrilled through out the process. Should have maybe mentioned to her I was getting a new computer, lol
My media room is in the basement and my computer room is beside the living room. So if I'm playing games in the computer room she can hear them.

Sony 75" X940D, 7.1 Klipsch, Onkyo TX-NR656, Xbox One/360, Nvidia Shield Alienware Alpha, Arris Gateway, 42" Samsung
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