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I would think that the new version that corrects the subtitle issue is available since 2014.

I found that when I was looking for an alternative to Bell for Netflix viewing. One of them is a Sony Blue Ray player. They even have a Netflix button on the remote control.

I was unsure about the subtitle issue, so I asked on Amazon the question and got a reply from a Sony representative. Here it is:

Hello Guyt! Yes, this unit comes with the Netflix version 3, which will allow you to customize the subtitles through the settings of your account . For more information please visit the following links:

~Jeannette, Sony Support
The given links gave me the information on different versions of Netflix firmware and on how they deal with subtitles.

So, I wonder if Bell Fibe has constrains that forbids them to install the newer firmware (again, available since 2014) or carelessly installed a previous version of the Netflix firmware.
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