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Much more likely that either your colleague is less than competent when using their phone or you're simply making things up
I have an Android phone and an iPhone 6 for work. I can say from experience that the iPhone is lacking in some things. For example, while I can email a photo in a new message, It's more difficult to attach one to a reply or forward message. It's very easy to do on my Android phone. Also, cut 'n paste isn't very good. It might work or it might not. Also, it's difficult to correct a spelling error. With Android, I can easily place the cursor where I want to delete the wrong character and type the new. With the iPhone, I often have to delete all the letters from the end, to reach the one I wanted to delete and then retype all the ones I had to delete. All in all, I really don't understand why iPhones are so popular, as they're not as capable as Android. One other thing, my work occasionally involves WiFi access points. I have a couple of apps on my Android phone for checking WiFi signals. For whatever reason, Apple won't allow similar. So, when I have to check the WiFi signal, I have to use my own phone, instead of my work iPhone.

There are other "features" that make the iPhone a pain to use.

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