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Blah blah blah BlackBerry is the best, blah blah Apple users idiots, blah blah blah.

Funny that all of a sudden this turned into Apple vs BlackBerry. I also laugh at your statement that "many had moved on by then when they realized it lacked this functionality" because market share clearly says otherwise.

As we've said countless times in the past, just because you think something is "core functionality" doesn't mean it's true. Your ignorance in other platforms shines through and doesn't help.

Finally, in my response to overpriced handsets, you mentioned picking up a Z30 for $200. That was definitely not the price when it was launched, so that point is invalid right there as well.

Bottom line, while you think you speak for everyone, they don't. BlackBerry has only themselves to blame for the failure of BB10 - not consumers (despite what you think). You can argue this as much as you want, but you simply aren't going to win this debate. Sorry.

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