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Originally Posted by thegiffer View Post
Crave so far is very poor in comparison. E.g. I tried to watch the Billions preview last night and at best (when it wasn't buffering) I was getting a soft 480p image.
This is what's keeping me from subscribing. I'd love to rewatch the Sopranos and the Wire, and I'd happily pay the $8 for at least a couple of months to do so, but not if the streaming is bad. I don't need it to be blu-ray quality, but at least roughly the same as a cable TV image, to my untrained eye. Bad interfaces and especially bad quality streams will keep me far away. There are just too many other options and it's not essential content for me.

We'll see if it gets better, but having used many of their websites/apps over the years, I don't have much faith it'll ever be outstanding. I don't think many of the Canadian media companies (or, to be fair, many of the old guard media companies in the US too) really get how important subtleties like interface design are to uptake of their products.

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