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How Much Is Your Monthly Bill?

I'm curious what long time customers of Cogeco (like myself) are paying per month. I recently contacted Cogeco because my yearly contract pricing was about to expire and I needed more bandwidth.

I was previously paying $63.99 for TV (Digital Select 1) and $39.95 for Internet (Turbo 40 175GB). Without any hard negotiating on my end I was offered an upgrade to Ultimate 60 for $41.95 but they wouldn't budge on TV pricing. The rep told me that their TV special offerings consist of FREE receivers, which I don't require as I own all my receivers. I accepted the offer thinking that an extra 100GB per month of bandwidth would be plenty.

Well it turns out that more speed has resulted to more usage (at least for me) and I will indeed require an unlimited package, while possibly downgrading my TV package to Flex 5. My question is, what is the best price I can expect to pay for Ultimate 60 (Unlimited) or Ultimate 120 (425GB)? I want to make sure I get the best deal they are willing to offer before I accept. The guy I spoke with last month said it would be about $20 but he didn't get into all the details.
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