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most discounts have been on Term (1-3) for the last 5+ years as far as I have been aware.. for any term discounts I have been able to receive.
(there may be some rare exceptions)

Tax is always extra ontop of the listed pricing.

As far as I am aware? No, its not guaranteed... at least partially. IE: If say your are on the VIP at that time for TV, and a newer type of VIP comes out which is $10 more, no you wouldn't be switched to that new one and pay more. BUT if there is a yearly $2 increase across the board.. then yes that would generally apply to the pricing.

Generally, the stuff listed on the website, are for NEW customers.. not always available to existing one.
But sometimes are not that super great. Often a discount of X amount on something, for the first X months or year.. but FULL price for the remaining.. while still on the contract.

But call in, there are often OTHER promotions that are sometimes available.. sometimes BETTER than whats listed.
EG: Currently I am on 25% off tv/phone/internet across the board.. ends up being more than vs the other way normally listed.
(and in those cases.. during the 2 year, yes I would have to pay the $2 say yearly increase if it happens, but the 25% would then still apply on the new price.

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