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Skipping Image

Hi Everyone,

Newbie here to both the forum, and shaw direct.

I am stumped, Shaw is stumped, everyone is! I am on my 3rd receiver (2 x Motorola and now Arris 630) in 9 months. All is fine, but then the image on my screen starts stuttering, skipping almost. A little at first, then worse over time to the point where it is not watchable. Usually starts out on the cartoon channels (I am thinking due to color contrast).

Few points:
It is not the signal from the satellite - PVR recorded shows do the same (even though they were recorded good before).

Plugged into another TV, same thing. Remove my AVR Receiver, same thing. Change cables, same, etc. Changing absolutely everything except the receiver and the problem exists. I normally have a long run of HDMI (50ft - max without a balin apparently) from my AVR to TV. Receiver to AVR is only 3ft cable. For troubleshooting, that has all been eliminated of course and same problem.

Plugged receiver directly to unoccupied circuit, free of power bars and surge protectors. (Usually its plugged into to a protected circuit).

First time, Shaw sent me a refurbished receiver, I plugged it in, and done. Problem immediately went away. Was good for a month or 2, then same thing again. I then of course kicked up a fuss about the refurbished receiver, so they sent a technician out (which took a while of course) and he couldn't figure out the problem. Convinced them to send me a NEW Arris receiver, and fixed the problem again, so I thought. Was good for about 2-3 months and now it is starting again.

I am not sure what is going on. Is it possible my setup is burning out the HDMI port or something? My TV and AVR are less that 5 years old, so I suspect the handshaking or copy rights of the HDMI (which I obviously don't understand) are probably OK?

Important to note that any and all other connections to and from the AVR to my TV are working perfect still, with great image quality.

I am at a loss on what is causing this. I am really against running component as I want to keep HD of course, and surround sound capability. I really don't think 3 receivers from Shaw could be bad?

Any body see or hear tell of this? I really appreciate any input!


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