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Descriptive Video / audio

Last night while watching a show on CBS through the PACE RNG200N HD PVR, the descriptive video/audio suddenly came up by itself with a woman's voice describing aspects of the video for vision impaired audience.

The Descriptive Video setting under Menu is set to "Off", I tried "On" and it made no difference.

I am now watching a show on APTN, this descriptive video/audio is also on, very annoying.

Cogeco tech support suggested a full reset, which I just did, no difference, "Descriptive Video" set to "Off" but the annoying audio description still comes through.

Anyone else noticing this problem?

Cogeco support tech was useless, he actually suggested it's in the material transmitted to the customers so I should call CRTC, I explained to him CRTC regulates, they don't provide material content, plus this is a service only needed by visually impaired audience, other audiences not vision impaired should not be forced to listen to something they don't need, he had nothing to say.

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