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Originally Posted by MCIBUS View Post
Why does it need to be a "Reboot"? Why not make the series take place in the year 3000 or 4000 instead of always being with in 100 years, why not 2,000 years or 3,000 years in the future ahead?
Because the EP and the studio have no creative vision whatsoever. It's the same reason that Stargate is being rebooted as a movie trilogy.

There hasn't been any confirmation yet on whether the new series will be in the original timeline or the rebooted one. People are just assuming it'll be the rebooted one, because the executive producer (Kurtzman) was a co-writer of the 2009 and 2013 Trek movies. In the meantime, Moonves has said that additional announcements about Star Trek — both behind and in front of the camera — would be coming soon.

While I'm happy Star Trek is finally returning to television, it certainly took CBS long enough to do it. By the way, it looks like Spiner was right when he said a while back that an agreement was put into place to prevent a TV series from occurring until after the trilogy of reboot movies. Best case scenario is they return to the original universe timeline and compose a good original opening theme song worthy of a Trek series (it's still sad that both Jerry and Joel Goldsmith are dead now -- at least they knew how to create good theme songs). Worst case scenario is that it's part of the rebooted timeline with the massive lens flares, super-fast-camera-movements, sex-infused, explosions-every-minute style that has been part of the Abrams movie franchise. Oh, and a 5-second opening intro just showing the title name of the show, instead of an actual theme song.

Say what you will about the problems that Nemesis and Enterprise had, but at least when Berman and Braga were running the series, they knew what they were doing as far as the camera movements and storylines were concerned. There was a certain... production consistency... for lack of a better phrase, between TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, that's clearly absent from the 2009 and 2013 films, and that's what I miss from the previous series. If the new series is just going to be the continuing 5-year adventures of the rebooted Kirk and co. timeline that started in the movies, except now on an episodic basis, then a lot of people (including myself) will be irrevocably ticked off.

And as far as airing the new series in Canada, if you remember, back in the day, Enterprise used to air first on City, and then the episode subsequently repeated on Sunday night on Space. So I'm sure one of those two networks would pick this one up.
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