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thanks Craig, very helpful

About the update I guess I could also have my hands on it, if I know the right person...

I wasn't sure about the decoder, I've seen you were talking about it in a previous post. So now I know for sure.

About the remote, is it from Microsoft ? What is the best remote for MCE ?

The main purpose about using MCE, for me, is all about avoiding pain in the butt... so, the illico PVR will be soon for sale

About the audio, there I still don't fully understand. As I understand it, the RCA cables are used to carry the audio from the TV Tuner card to the illico box ? Is that mean the audio card (such as sound blaster X-fi) has nothing to do with the audio for MCE ?

I would like to have the best possible sound. Are you aware of any TV tuner card that carries the audio signal through digital coaxial cable or anything but RCA ?

What is HTDV OTA ?

Too bad it doesn't support HDTV over cable, Vista is not about to be available on the market. As a result, do I see the HDTC or wide screen TV shows in 12:9 rather than in 16:9 ?

The HDMI is of no use... for now. Future will speak.

Thanks again

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