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So I received the 4K PVR yesterday and activated it. There isn't much to say so far aside from the looks which is imo better than the X8 with the white lights instead of the hard to read blue lights. The power button however is pretty visible to say the least but it doesn't bother me. Man is this thing fast! Much faster than the Cisco box I had and a little faster than the X8. After watching TV for about 5 hours yesterday, there were no problems whatsoever with drop frames like the X8. Actually, I would have kept the X8 even with the drop frame problems but the unit started to freeze and since I had purchased it at Costco, I brought it back. While searching for reviews for the 4K, I saw that Archambault had it on sale at $299 (I think it's still the case) so I bought it.

Will post an updated review after a week or so.
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