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Channel re-alignment coming.

Found out this AM that EL will be rearranging channels across their systems this fall. It's linked from their main page on their site.

Starting in Ontario in November and ending in BC in early December.

A few things I observed...

  • Looks like SD and HD content will be intermixed.
  • Most channels will have new channel numbers. Possibly the same numbers across the country. I has suggested this to them years ago when they were announcing new channels on FB and Twitter and had to list 8 different channel numbers for the different regions. )
  • Unless some info is missing it looks like SD versions of HD channels will be turned off. It's going to save some bandwidth but I imagine there are still a few SD-only boxes that are going to be affected. Also, if this document is correct the "lowest" channels will be in the 400s. Also, no more analog at all?
  • Looks like it might be the end of Real Estate channels, certain barker channels and the TV listings channel.
  • If this is complete, the only Weather Network feed is going to be in HD. Does that mean that there will be truly local info on the HD feed very soon?

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