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Originally Posted by Installer View Post
this is a rumour, there has been no release of info on a new 700 series receiver.
I dropped in to Best Buy a few days ago to pick up two 600 receivers, they are only $100 and I have two open ports on my multi switch and two TV's not is use, so made sense.

Best Buy had none in that store and only a few left chain wide so I was told by the Mgr. He said the 600 was discontinued and new model (is this the dawn of the "700"?) will be available next week (November 2).

Hmmmm? What does a retailer of Shaw product know? I though screw it and ordered one 600 from BB online and set it up just in case its not true. If I see new one next week they can help me trade up!

I don't believe it but I just had to share the tidbit rumor!
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