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Flat coax through windows solution?

Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Hey folks.
I have the drywall done and have tvs on each end of the room.
Builder has only coax in the wall.
Any ideas?
Originally Posted by dukie View Post
As far as two coax for the pvr..I read somewhere on this forum, that there is a fix for this. Am I wrong?
lf you don't want to go through the drywall the real simple fix might be running flat coax through the windows. Would the location of the TV's and any windows work with running extra coax cables from the Shaw Direct dish using Flat Coax for just the 6 inches needed to go through windows? (Flat Coax is easily purchased online if you can't find any locally.)

I would suggest:
- 1 extra coax cable running from the dish through the window to your main HD PVR to provide the 2nd coax necessary there.
- 2 extra coax cables running from the dish directly through a window to a second HD PVR in the rec room.
- splitting the hdmi or component out from the rec room HD PVR to feed the additional TV in the rec room.

The Shaw Direct quad lnb supports 4 coax cables directly so no need for additional switches. But you would have to live with extra cable runs on the exterior and interior of your property.

I did something similar a few years back moving into a rental home with a single coax run in the drywall in order to avoid drilling any holes in the property contrary to the lease. Worked like a charm for me. Landlord was quite content. And my thanks to this forum for informing me about flat coax!
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