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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
1. I know I could hook one up via the hdmi and one on coax.

2. As far as two coax for the pvr. I read somewhere on this forum, that there is a fix for this. Am I wrong?
1. With Shaw Direct (and any service provider) the TV downstream of the STB on the coax would see an SD, not HD signal, as discussed earlier in this thread - the STB is doing the "tuning", not the TV.

2. You need two coax to the Shaw Direct 630 PVR from the dish, as I discussed earlier in this thread and as discussed in the link in post 4. There is no "fix" and unfortunately you are wrong, or you confused Shaw Direct with BellTV.

I see that you also posted in the Bell forum asking about 2 coax. Bell has a method whereby you can connect the dish to the HDPVR via one coax, however, the connection from the PVR to the TV still needs to be HDMI to have HD show on the TV. The two coax to the TVs are useless for HD, unless you're going to go OTA, wherein the TVs do the tuning.

OTA is totally different because there you're using the TV's internal tuner and you don't have a PVR. The setup is different for Shaw Direct, as discussed earlier in this thread. Sorry to hear about your knee. Perhaps you can get someone else to install the OTA antenna for you and use OTA, provided you're happy without a PVR using the current "coax" configuration. If you wish to discuss OTA, please see the following welcome thread and follow the instructions in that thread. It is possible to have recording capability for OTA, but not with your current coax configuration. OTA recording requires an OTA PVR, or HTPC and then you'd feed the signal from whatever device you choose to the two TVs, via HDMI, not coax if you want HD.

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