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I have been using ota up until now. So please bear with me via having this done before the drywall.
I also would have run my own wires but due to shattering my knee, I have relied on my builder.
That said, I was going to install my ota antennas but due to the injury I will be laid up for up to two years. So that is why the change to dish.

I WANT to show the same program on both tvs. As they are on either side of the room with the pool table and dart board between.
It is a sports room for races, football etc.
Just thought I could use one stb downstairs and one up. Only having to buy two units.
I know I could hook one up via the hdmi and one on coax. But I would like to keep it in the mechanical room where both coax starts.

As far as two coax for the pvr..I read somewhere on this forum, that there is a fix for this. Am I wrong?
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