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Originally Posted by starchoice View Post
1. You would get the same channel on both TVs.

2. You should have the main coax at the electrical box. Best to get a multi-switch to split the coax there and get a receiver for each TV.
1. Yeah, but it would be Standard Definition, not HD. No use in having an HDTV or an HDPVR if you're looking at coax downstream of the STB. A typical installation these days for any service provider in Canada is one (or two) coaxes feeding a STB and HDMI downstream of the STB to the TV. This doesn't even include things like BD players, AVRs, streaming boxes, etc.

2. That's if you want a simple STB at each TV. If you want an HDPVR like the 630, you need two coaxes to the HDPVR on Shaw Direct. Other service providers typically function with a single coax feed to the STB

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