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Originally Posted by TechGuy8 View Post
SamKnows is an interesting project.
Is the white box support gigabit LAN?

Do you have Optik TV?
If yes, are Optik PVR and HD boxes stay connected to the ActionTec modem/router?
I can't say as far as gigabit LAN goes. We have the box plugged in to our (non-Telus) router, as per the instructions that were sent to us with the SamKnows box. We do have Optic TV, and have the all-in-one router/modem in the basement, but we don't use their router (we already had ours set up when we were with Shaw, and it seemed to work fine, so didn't want to change it out). The PVR and the two HD boxes are connected to the modem/router (wired connections).

All that to say that the SamKnows box is really just being used to measure internet speeds. We have a router/modem in the basement, which we use as our modem, and our own router attached to it (and that is where the white box goes). So far, all is working well!
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