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Yeah, talked with them again this morning. They still won't let you order it and they still have no idea what they're charging for it this year (or at least that info hasn't been released to CSRs), but the Week 1 freeview is a go.

Irrelevant to me, however, as I cancelled effective tomorrow evening. Going to let Cogeco come in and install. With Super Sports Pack I know my costs: 7 months x $33.99 (+ tax) = ~$280 for Sunday Ticket and NHL Centre Ice (all I care about, the rest of SSP is a bonus). Who knows what Shaw is going to charge?

Last year Shaw charged $239 + tax just for Sunday Ticket. I didn't even bother with Centre Ice. I originally came to Shaw because they used to offer Sunday Ticket and Centre Ice in a combo (like around $230 + tax total for both, iirc). You can figure NFL will be at least the same $239 + tax as last year. Even if it stays at $239, 7 months of SSP ends up being $237.93 and I get NFL and Centre Ice at Cogeco (+ NCAA, MLB and whatever else SSP has). Seems like a no brainer to me.

See ya, Shaw!
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