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I would hope the Bell execs have Netflix as well as Hulu, Amazon TV, Google TV, DirecTV, Dish Network, several proxy services and all the US and UK services denied to us mere mortals. Not having them would make them very short sighted managers. I would hope they also have Shaw, Rogers and every other Canadian service in order to keep track of the competition. They would need them, at least at the office.

That's the problem with our culture and political system. It's too busy telling people what they can do and protecting the status quo while giving themselves all the things they deny others. That stifles free thought, motivation and innovation while cultures that are less restrictive beat us with innovative new ideas that outperform our businesses in the marketplace. By the time engineers reach the corporate research team, they have been protected from so many ideas and prevented from doing so many things that they can't compete with emerging markets like China where new ideas are continuously emerging and being tested. Corporate management teams in Canada also tend to be very narrow minded. It's not so much about how to innovate and create new products as it is protecting existing revenue streams and copying competitors that threaten them.
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