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Originally Posted by audacity View Post
In fact, I think we'll see situations where content owners and creators will "go direct" to the consumer and these "middle man" content marketing deals will be a thing of the past.

When that happens, this whole "OMG, my IP database guessed your location wrong" issue will just go away.
These are good points.

Right now I believe the issue is that the content owners are still stuck in a "license by geography" mode. I'll use HBO as example.

I believe they currently license all of their content, irrespective of delivery medium, via geography. If they changed that so that only broadcast, via cable or satellite, was geo-restricted and "online" content came directly from them then Bell would have no leg to stand on since their license is specific to the form of distribution.

Of course, when the broadcast people own the internet distribution now they get upset because their internet customer are denying them an extra revenue stream.

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