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Originally Posted by Newb777 View Post
There's a big difference between corporate VPN and private (consumer) VPNs.
@Newb777 ,


I've been writing software that is based on computer networking since writing BBS software back before the consumer Internet was a thing. I've been doing it most of my life, since I started when I was 14. And I'm not even aware of any differences between a corporate VPN and a consumer VPN.

Could you please explain to me the relevant technical differences between the two? Here I thought that it was the exact same code that Windows uses when I connect to a corporate VPN vs connecting to any other VPN.

I used to use VyprVPN, and when you look at their instructions on how to connect a Windows machine to their VPN server their instructions were almost identical to how you connected to, say, the Government of Alberta's VPN. It's just a different username/password.
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