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Originally Posted by North_of_Calgary View Post
Interesting that they're coming in $8 below the $25 cap - I would have thought everyone would be selling the skinny at $24.99. Actually I'm sure the big guys will be sticking to that.
I am going to point out the obvious. There is a reason they charge less than the $25 cap, they are not an end-to-end provider, meaning when you sign up you also need a separate internet provider which is required. Other cable co's such as rogers, cogeco, shaw, etc. are end to end, they run a line right up to your house, you pay the $25 (or what ever they will charge since the price has not been officially announced) for the service AND you do NOT need a internet provider. Yes a lot of people may already have internet so they don't consider this an added expense and those are likely going to be the ones arguing with me, but think about the people such as your grandparents who maybe want to save a few $ off their cable, they are more likely to stick with an end to end cable company as opposed with TV over IP provider which needs a mandatory second connection.
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