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Except it won't let you watch all the channels you sub to.

It'll let you pull up the guide(IPG) and you can control it thru your smart phone or tablet, yet it will only let you watch certain channels you sub to IE it'll let me watch TSN but not a ethnic channel I sub to on the smart phone or tablet. It gives you 3 options Phone/Tablet,TV,Record. But on certain channels(sub to) it only says TV or record.

It should be noted that the Bell TV APP(Mobility TV) & Fibe TV APP are not the same and are some what different from each other. I'm not sure if Bell Sat has an APP or not?

I'm not sure how the Bell TV APP is set up, but I do know on it I get CFTO instead of CJOH yet I'm in Ottawa and we don't get CFTO on Fibe. And the Bell APP will only let you watch certain channels and not all off them either not sure of exact amount of channels.

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