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thats exactly what i am saying, they bring these so called apps that are great and look wonderful but in reality this is just another way of them sucking more money out of us, if you are watching it through WiFi then your ok, but on a data plan we will all be up **** creek, and like i mentioned earlier if i am at home why would i want to sit and watch a small screen when i can watch on my 60 inch High Def. i think we got too used to these new tech things and then at the end of the month we are freaking out when the bill comes in, hahaha i will soon be needing a second job as UPS will not be able to pay me enough to keep up with all the bills, this is crazy. To all of you my fellow posters i wish you all a Great weekend, its nice hot and muggy out there, hahahaha and by the way i am with MCIBUS on this one, i hate the new version of the app....
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