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I'm in same boat as you guys, starting the search for replacement of sweet windows media center setup. I've heard xbone (xbox one) has a beta out atm for OTA recording, not sure how/if that would work with any extendors, i personally prefer having a central pc/server to do the recording and streaming to various cheap (and quiet! Cant wait to get rid if my old 360 the fan noise is too much) extenders around the house so tried kodi only to find theres no actual pvr functionality (but i assume it will eventually, it has some cool plugins tho so not a complete waste) then tried mediaportal a couple weeks ago, tvs working and the interface is decent similar to what other folks are saying there doesnt seem to be an EPG offering "out of the box" for canadians, decided before i start tinkering with that i'd check some forums (led me here) im familar enough with scripting i figure might go that route (to scrape epg info from zap2it and convert to whatever xml format mp expectin) dont wanna commit to mp tho till i do some extendor research (or get the kodi plugin working, seems that its got a client for just about everything ie i might have found a use for my ouya after all! Kodis mp plugin didnt work on first attempt but i assume could be windows firewall didnt dig much). Anyway just thought i'd share my experience thus far in case it helps, will post back if/when i find a working alternative. looking forward to checking out mythtv when its back ive never used it but ties with google and fair amount of hype/shoutouts in this forum it sounds promising as well
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