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Originally Posted by ExDilbert
I see no reason to make HDHomeRun PVR an app at all. It's a PVR, not a player.
Then who will write the front-end UI? Your comment is puzzling. If you point a front-end UI like Plex at your recorded TV files there are no provisions to view and schedule new recordings from a EPG for example. They've committed to making a handful of front-end UIs to go with their recording engine.

Originally Posted by ExDilbert
It's best implemented as a service.
I'm sure the recording engine will be implemented as a service on Windows and a unix daemon elsewhere.

Originally Posted by ExDilbert
The interface and player are a different issue. I'd rather see a Windows desktop interface first.
My guess is that most tech savvy users will be upgrading to Windows 10 for free during the first year. Why not take advantage of being able to write for a wide range of devices in one go? Besides, a desktop UI sucks on a HTPC, which is the primary use case.

Originally Posted by j0dest3r
I found out the KODI Live TV plug-in for HD Homerun does not support my version!
Yeah, I'm going to need to upgrade my tuner hardware as well. The HDHR3 doesn't support their new HTTP-based interface. I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a NewEgg or Amazon special.
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