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I have Roku as well as Xbox in the house. Either of those streaming devices would be my preference as working into the solution. Kodi is awesome though I use it on a raspberry pi in my office. I am already invested into xbox and roku throughout the house. It has good WAF.

WinTV 8 seems to work ok. It's as clunky as previous versions. The recordings are manual so no metadata. Not the end of the world I suppose, what do I want for free! Lol! They give you a link to titantv to look up the shows to enter into the manual recording. I replaced that shortcut with zap2it since titantv doesn't support Canada. I know NextPVR has all the fancy metadata and a Roku channel for the annual price of a subscription fee. No live TV there though. Then again, the only live tv option for WinTV 8 is the WinTV extend which is not the greatest unless using an iPhone as your watching device.

Also looking at the Roku channel chaneru to see what type of options that might have.

Damn this sucks! I will keep media center going for the short - medium term but long term I want to ditch it. Part of me wants to go SageTV because Google is now somehow associated with it? Stick it to Microsoft for ditching my beloved Media Center LOL!

Perhaps getting the Hauppauge stick for the xbox one so that I can do live tv on the main livingroom tv that doesn't have a cable outlet and do NextPVR for the recording and playback on the Rokus. I would have to get a cable outlet to the Xbox One though. Damn media center just seems to solve all kinds of problems for me. It's going to be hard to let it go!
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