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Of the two, VMedia looks to be a more rounded offering. Acanac is cheaper but has some significant omissions in available channels. VMedia compares well to traditional services as far as channel availability is concerned. However, there is very little, if any, price advantage. One big omission for both services is time shifted network channels.

Looking at the services from a technical viewpoint, both have significant shortcomings. PVR capability is limited on both services. Acanac uses a more traditional PVR hardware model but limits the number of simultaneous recordings to 1, 2 or 3 depending on the plan. Acanac also claims to support whole home PVR which is a nice addition. VMedia records programs remotely, a good idea for this type of service, but imposes a one week time limit and has a small selection of supported channels. The hardware for both services appears to be lightweight Android boxes. That can work well but they charge a premium for this type of hardware. Due to the lack of channels, Acanac just doesn't appear to have a well developed TV offering. Considering the high cost of the service and the technical limitations, I don't see Vemedia as a good alternative either.
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