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Originally Posted by North_of_Calgary View Post
No there's still no option to manually set the DNS. From an interface perspective my Roku 2 (2015) looks and feels about identical to my Roku 3 (2013).

Since they apparently have the same internal hardware they're both nice and snappy. Unlike the Roku Streaming Stick which is sluggish - particularly in the new Netflix UI.
I own the new Roku 3 bought from the states since I want the remote with Hulu button on it which Canadian version does not have.

I'm with Bell Fibe but their Hub 2000 modem router does not work well with DNS proxy configuration.

I read other article to use Hub 2000 as a bridge but it turns out you need to have a router with VLAN capability.

I did not want to have vpn enabled on router but instead on its separated own device.

So to those who want to have american channels in Canada with new Roku 3, here is how it works for me.

Enter TP link router which what you need:

You can buy one off ncix site :

This TPLink router comes with handy option but I only use it to act like a wireless card with DNS proxy configuration in WISP mode.

Once done, you just simply hook the ethernet cable from the Roku 3 to the TP link router.

Before connect to roku 3, you can simply disconnect all wireless and plug the ethernet to your pc/laptop. Afterwards, you can check to see if the IP has changed to one from the states:

The last steps is to follow the below link to setup the roku for american channels.

There you go!

Good luck!
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