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Originally Posted by mbhydro View Post
I guess my point was do they have enough ports in the cabinets to move the customers over or do the cable splicers have to come in and do some work to add more ports for Ultimate.

A co-worker of mine can't get Ultimate in Canterbury park as MTS told him the cabinet that services his bay is at capacity, so at least in that area it could be challenging to migrate classic to ultimate.
Yeah, I've come across a few orders where it wasn't caught in the system that there were no ports left, so either more needed to be added, or if someone cancels. That cabinet in Canterbury Park feed a lot of customers, so I could see how it could be at capacity

I think they added more to my cabinet in the past year, and it was done in about a day, I think. I believe they had to rework the punchdown blocks to tie into the new cards.

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