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Realistically, you probably can't get better than dial-up, and even your dial-up may be slower than 56K depending on line conditions. But let's be optimistic, and look at other possibilities.

Cable or DSL service is only available in cities. No chance whatsoever of getting it out there.

Cellular internet would be a good option, but apparently you're in a dead spot. Not having a "clear line of sight" to the tower doesn't help either.

Satellite internet may be an option, especially if you're able to receive satellite TV service. However, line of sight issues may still exist. For satellite service, you'd likely need a southward "clear line of sight", unobstructed by trees or other barriers. A dish mounted on an antenna pole may work. Galaxy Broadband offers satellite internet service, but it's slow, expensive, has data limits, and requires a contract.

Bottom line, you may be able to get enough internet for light surfing or email, but don't expect to stream Netflix or Skype.
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