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Yes, thanks, probably some of them I've tried have been at 64 kbps. I think some at 128.

[ I know some MP3's I have and play, sound ok and show 128 or 192 as the recording rate ]

[ and yes - you can hear the difference in sound fidelity / or audio bandwidth, with the lower kb rates ... like down around 64, but hey, sometimes that is not so much a problem - because you're maybe listening to an AM radio station and a TALK show ... so 64 kbps might be quite all right in fact, in that case ... anyway , I digress ]

But as I have tried to mention in earlier posts - it's probably not so much the number of Kb's of the stream that is the problem with the quality of the audio produced - but more other issues - like:

- disruption of the stream due to transport - over the internet (INTERNET issues) (issues with your connection, or your ISP)

- issues with the computer playing the stream i.e. the hardware and software being used. (sound card / operating system / software / other processes interrupting the reception and playout of the stream. Clicks, pops, hiccups, dropouts, other sounds getting inserted / added, other "digital" effects due to the hardware being used to play out that stream ... i.e. your computer)

That is why I ask about, and seek - maybe - a dedicated internet radio player.

Something dedicated/designed to do just / only that. Stream and play internet radio. And do it well.
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