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Post MTS Offer - Home Expressions 2015


I know the home expressions show ends today, but I thought I would share what they were trying to sign new customers up with at the show with.

Basically you get MTS TV with 9 (or 10 can't fully remember) theme groups, Free PVR rental for 24 months, High Speed 10, and Phone with 4 calling features for $80 per month for 6 months. If you want additional TV's its $3 per TV (standard rate). So for 3 TV's they quoted $86 per month + tax.

This is similar to the letters they mail out all the time with the TV + 4 theme groups, High Speed 10, and Phone with 4 calling features for $70 per month for the first 6 months.

The main difference is the PVR rental is included for an additional 18 months after the promo ends from the people at the home show.

Last Year I signed up for MTS TV with 4 theme groups and high speed 10 internet for $55 per month for 12 months, so it appears they are not doing the 12 month promos anymore. My promo is up in May. At that time I will probably drop the TV, and upgrade my internet to high speed 25 and bundle with my smartphone for $100 per month. (My smartphone is already $65 so not a bad deal)

Any one else know of any other deals for MTS out there for new customers?
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